Resistance Is Biblical | @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

The world has not recently been set on fire, it’s always been ablaze. Recent events of domestic terrorism and prejudice are just the latest sources of fuel. This is a time people and organizations are vocal about where they stand on the issue of police brutality against black people. All the high profile shootings of unarmed black men and women serve as reminders to the crucial truth of being black in America: our black lives don’t matter.

As a member of the Body of Christ, one of the benefits is having an entire community of like minded individuals to mourn with and help carry your burdens. That’s how it’s supposed to be, but the African American community has received a slap to our faces. Some of our less empathetic brethren have said to “just focus on the Gospel” and in the Christian Hip Hop community, many of the artists continue to lose fans and followers for speaking about these issues. This coupled with the 2016 election really opened up folks’s eyes about what our White Evangelical brothers and sisters thought of us and caused many to walk away from the faith.

A few years into this regime, many brothers and sisters “get it now” but in 2020 we are still hearing some of the same rhetoric. The Scriptures are still being used to whitewash black pain and outrage; as if there isn’t a whole book in the Bible lamenting to God and Job din’t spend most of his time crying out to God. The bible has been used out of context many times and makes this next point critical: resistance is Biblical.

The Bible has thoughts on varying life topics and systematic oppression is no different. In both Testaments there are verses about justice, service, and empathy for those suffering. Protesting is seeking to see justice and according to Isaiah 1:17, we are to do good and seek justice. We are supposed to plead the case of the widow and look after orphans, and from looking around, the crusade for justice is long overdue. The Scriptures served as the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement and bore much fruit; why does it seem people don’t remember that? If you think I’m being persuaded by an agenda of the left or right, I challenge you to perform an experiment. Look up in a Bible Concordance words like “justice,” “oppression,” “freedom” and the like. You’ll see God directly or via a prophet, Jesus, or another voice spoke on these terms.

Resistance is Biblical but this online deflection is sinful. True colors and idols are being exposed during this time of protest. The golden calves and Baals of skin color, privilege, and patriotism are being challenged in the light of day. Many seem to get it while others are determined to “All Lives Matter” these issues until Jesus returns. In response to the riots I don’t know how to feel but I do understand that 400 years is a long time to be bullied by a country that stole everything from us. You can’t quote a book written by the oppressed for the oppressed and say everything is fine. Things are not good and seeing the responses online, you have to wonder if they ever will be.