The Biggest Lie…| blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

One of the biggest lies people have been telling themselves is “what happens in this house stays in this house” or “how I run my household doesn’t affect anyone else.” The current state our country is in should definitely refute that sort of thinking. My child interacts with children from all sort of homes and […]

The Narrative| Album Review| @amishobaraka @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

When one thinks of Amisho Baraka better known as Sho Baraka and his latest album, The Narrative, what do they think of? The words “it’s been a long time coming”  sung by Sam Cook immediately come to mind for me. Sho Baraka is probably your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and for good reason: he is […]

Is The War On Christmas Over?| @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

I don’t know if anyone remembers last years huge ordeal with Starbucks and the “war on Christmas,” but it was all over the news. In case you don’t remember, last year Starbucks released plain red cups around Christmas time. As a result, many Christians made huge noise about it on social media. The well-known Joshua […]

The Life Of An Artist: Getting PAID| Blog|@kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

I really don’t think people think that doing art is work and I don’t know if I can blame them. I didn’t use to believe you can make money with art but I have been proven wrong. You see your favorite artist making money off their art (sometimes enough to do it full time), didn’t start […]

The Life Of An Artist: Push Through and Perform| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

This past week was probably the roughest and best week of my life. Monday morning October 31st 2016, at 7:42 AM my mother text me letting me know that my Grandfather “Joe Buddy” had passed away earlier that morning. He was at stage four with his cancer, so we knew it was coming eventually barring a […]

How CHH Led Me To Read More| Blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

I’ve been reading a lot more books and I’m not just talking about fiction. True comics and superheroes will probably always have a spot in my heart, but nowadays I’m more interested in reading books to help develop me as a father, a Believer, and a husband. I’ve always loved to read, but what makes […]

Kaleb Mitchell Drops Banger ’18’|New Music | @kalebmitchell @trackstarz

The rising rap sensation known as Kaleb Mitchell doesn’t know the meaning of “rest” as Friday he dropped a banger of a single “18.” This may be in celebration of him turning 18 and what a celebration it is. You need this in your life and the young man has made this song available on […]