In this week’s article, I have a little bit of a twist. I really felt the need to not just give you all some throwback music or history on CHH, instead I wanted to really give some encouragement to the body of Christ. As well as give you some music to bump in your rides. Amen! (I feel my help coming on! ?)

I recently suffered the loss of my father. A very difficult thing to deal with. My heart and mind have taken a big hit. Even though he was having some health challenges and we knew it was coming, it’s still really hard to prepare for the day you lose a parent. Even in talking about it and writing this article, I believe GOD is healing and strengthening me through the process.

In times like these, it is SO comforting to know that I have a Heavenly Father who can strengthen and comfort me through these tough times like no one else can. There is no amount of money or anything money can buy that can give you peace that surpasses all of your understanding when you’re in times of turmoil. It is only GOD by His Holy Spirit that can get on the inside of you and fix you in ways that you couldn’t even figure out on your own. COME ON SOMEBODY! It is in times like these that you see even more how strong and how much God truly loves us.

With all of that being said…
That leads me into our throwback music for this week. It’s from a compilation album that came out in 2008 entitled “Gospel Can Bang 2 – Vol. 1.” It is an urban gospel/CHH album. It takes the gospel message and delivers it over bass heavy, urban hip hop and r&b beats. No really well known artists appear on this compilation, but that does not take away from the dope quality sound of this project.

The song I wanted to feature is a song entitled “Love Like This,” lead by a singer by the name of Danielle Harris. This song is an encouragement to us over a BANGIN track that expresses, when life gets hard, we ought to just run to God so He can comfort, heal and restore our souls. There is no other love like the love of Christ.

The loved ones we have in our lives are a reflection of God being kind to us and blessing us with the lives of these beautiful souls. We are products of God’s love. There is no other love like this.

Check out the song and let us know what you think. Until next time…

Peace and blessings.