Does Andy Mineo Have New Music On The Way? | @andymineo @trackstarz

During the roll out of ‘Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed Presents: Magic & Bird’ Andy Mineo hinted at working on his solo project that he had wanted to release at the end of 2017. That didn’t happen but evryone knows that Andy Mineo is always working on music, whether he releases or not is another matter. […]

Don’t Be Scared | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everybody!! It’s a new week, full of adventures to conquer, and new experiences to explore… Unless you’re scared!! Don’t let fear of the unknown control what you could accomplish. I think we all deal with the fear of the unknown; I know I do. It is hard to fully enjoy life […]

Interview with 1K Phew | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz @1kphew

Last Saturday, there was a concert called “The Pull Up Concert” at Stonecrest Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, in which 1K Phew was supposed to perform a few of his songs. Unfortunately, the concert got shut down because it was drawing attention away from the mall experience. Although 1k wasn’t able to perform, I was able […]

Shep the Shepherd x Timmy Clover | Happy Song | @shepprays @trackstarz

HAPPY Song is smooth track from Shep the shepherd’s debut album “Trapper Keeper”. It’s about a typical California day with his boys and his love “Sunshine”. It’s a reminder how God has blessed him and he can see the fruits of his labor. Shep also reminds us not to forget to pray when you hit […]

D.Cure | Overcome (ft. Arden DeCuir & K. David)| @ddotcure @trackstarz

Hip-hop artist D.Cure just finished up the final EP in his Cuz It Bangz series — Cuz It Bangz 3! It’s a little trap mixed with a whole lot of fast-paced lyricism. He features some of his favorite artists and producers to create bangerz unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! In “Overcome”, D.Cure gives you […]