Trust God’s Plan for His Very Best for You| @Trackstarz @Intercession4ag

Yesterday, I was reminded of how specific the hand of God has been in my life. From the job I’ve had to the choice of man, God has allowed in my life. It simply reminds me to continue to rest in God as I trust his plan for me to be the best.

God’s best is more than what we can think up for ourselves. It’s just as the scripture says exceeding, abundant, and above what we can ask or even think (Ephesians 3:20.) I recalled when I’d graduated from college and applied for various jobs in faith. I’d worked at temp agencies and wherever I could in expectation of a good job.

Doors kept being closed in my face. No was a norm with jobs I wanted, but I continued in faith and trusting God. I remember being at an assignment on one of my temp jobs, and a Christian lady said that she’d be praying for me that I’d get the right job—the job that God had for me. This statement implied there was a specific job that God had in mind for my life, and his purpose.

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