Armond Wakeup Lands Placement With VSCO | @armondwakeup @wes_pendleton @illect @trackstarz

We have been seeing a wonderful trend of Christian Hip Hop Artists landing music licensing placements this year, and that trend continues with Illect’s own Armond Wakeup.  The placement was with the popular VSCO(Visual Supply Company), a photo company that builds community and tools for creatives, for their #Walkinthesun campaign. The song used for the […]

Farai Katiyo Debut Ep Review| @faraikatiyo @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

March is here and a lot of great music has been released, not just here in America but all over the world. Today’s review may be the first international project I’ve ever reviewed, and that’s very exciting. If all you’ve ever listened to is hip hop filtered through the American lens, you should definitely pull […]

Read B. Verses “Read Between The Lines Freestyle” | @readbverses @trackstarz

Detroit Michigan’s own Read B. Verses recently released a dope freestyle “Read Between The Lines Freestyle,” where Read is just pouring his heart out on some things. Peep the audio below and follow the Sky Dreamer on all social media platforms. What do you think of his single? Have you copped his EP ‘Products Of […]

J. Monty Announces New Single | @jmontystudios @trackstarz

J. Monty has been steadily leaving us bread crumbs over the past few months as to what he’s been up to. He’s announced a record deal, a potential and that was all for a nice little while. Then more recently h announced that he would be on tour with Derek Minor and the RMG crew, […]