What CHH Can Learn From The WWE | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

This may seem like a weird comparison but stick with me. WWE may have a stereotype as ‘fake’ but that’s as misconstrued as CHH being corny. In that regards, consider what our sub-genre can learn from the squared circle. First, what is WWE? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment (keyword: Entertainment). It is the global […]

5 For 5: Top Five Album Reviews | @kennyfresh1025 @refresherpoint @trackstarz

In this installment, we’ll discuss arguably my largest contribution to the Trackstarz website: album reviews. In 2016, I was doing a lot of writing, but I felt something was missing. I started writing album reviews because I loved listening to albums more than once and picking out certain things I had missed from a previous […]

Ladies: Your Voice is Important! | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Last year I had a conversation with my therapist about the difference in being assertive and aggressive. We as Black women often get the bill for the latter. We’re often looked at as aggressive due to the color of our skin rather than how we present ourselves. We’re often looked at as rough, rugged, loud, […]

5 For 5: Top 5 Interviews | @kennyfresh1025 @refresherpoint @trackstarz

The second installment of “5 For 5” focuses around interviews. During my time with Trackstarz, I’ve been blessed to conduct a few interviews, and listed below are the top five I’ve done over the past few years. These are in chronological order not in order of importance, although, my personal favorite is the last one. […]

Thoughts on Black is King | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Recently, Beyonce dropped a video album, “Black is King.” Before it even came out videos were popping up on YouTube accusing her of comparing Black people being kings to Jesus Christ being the king due to Kanye West’s album. Other accusations went out as well. I watched the film this past Sunday and it did […]

Your Silence Is Fatal | @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Dislcaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article belong to the writer and do not reflect the views and opinions of the Trackstarz show or the Trackstarz brand. Dear white brothers and sisters in the faith. Yet another video of a black unarmed man being killed by white men without cause has surfaced. Your […]

The Power of Choice | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

When you choose something you genuinely want; you appreciate it more and are more willing to pay the price for it. I thought about this when I recently went into an office supplies store looking for a printer. The printers had been flying off of the shelves due to Covid-19―possibly because many people are working […]