Myths Believed About Christian Singles | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Have you ever heard someone speaking so confidently about something they’ve never experienced as if what they are sharing is the ultimate authority on the matter? Yet, what they are sharing doesn’t add up. I have regarding various conversations about Christian singles. These convos are often from people in relationships, married, men speaking on women and vice versa. It’s about time some light is bought to some of these myths by those who walk in the actual experience of being a Christian single woman or man.

Christian Single Women are Constantly Being Pursued by Christian Men

This is such a dumb myth that I’ve found many Christian men believe. They feel like Christian women are under constant pursuit by godly men and Christian women are just passing each one up. Many Christian men cannot understand how such beautiful Christian women can remain single for an extended period. This is where women are accused of being too picky, having too high standards, looking for perfection, and being prideful.

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