Bring it/Leave it in 2022 List for #CHH | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

We’re a little bit into 2022 now and while we probably have high expectations for the sub-genre known as Christian Hip-Hop aka Christian Rap aka Gospel Rap aka Holy Hip-Hop (for the super christians), we probably have a few things we could take and leave in this fiscal year. Below are things we need to […]

#StopAsianHate | @chrispyakakon

(This article is the writer’s own opinion and not necessarily reflective of Trackstarz) I am tired. I am tired of the excuses. I am tired of the apathy. If it wasn’t clear, I am a hyphenated American of Asian descent. Folks like me that are looked at as the perpetual foreigner unless America needs to […]

What’s Up With All The Hashtags On Trackstarz? | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

If you’ve been following the Trackstarz on social media lately (particularly on Instagram), you may have noticed a trend of various themed hashtags on different days. I wanted to wait until there was one for every day of the week and now we’re here! Here is a brief description of every day/hashtag: #SillySundays -This hashtag […]

Is RMG what Reach Records could’ve been? | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

First off, I promise that this isn’t a clickbait title but rather something interesting that I have noticed. During the heyday of Reach Records in the recent ‘golden age’ of CHH filled with things such as the annual Unashamed Tour, Lecrae on the verge of crossing over, a rumored Andy Mineo/KB/Trip Lee album in the […]

Good Fruit Co. Announces Signing of Won Jang

“New Year, New Moves” should be the motto for the sub-genre right now. Following the signing of K. Allico (fka T-Strike) to Bizzle’s God Over Money,  label Good Fruit Co. adds and signs Won Jang. “BIG NEWS! You know what they say… new year, NEW ARTIST! 👓 Won Jang has been working with us behind the scenes […]

IMAGINE #CHHSexism | ‪@wsperspectives @trackstarz ‬

NOTE: This is not necessarily a reflection of Trackstarz but solely of the writer. So I came across this hashtag #CHHSexism and apparently its been gaining steam the last few days with an onslaught of artists, fans, and people in between chiming in. Reading across these tweets showed me how much of an issue this […]

Canon Drops a New Single “Round Em Up” | @getthecanon @trackstarz

“Half of ’em came from the bottom Tell ’em who don’t get a second chance Everybody gettin’ smoked out And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout a second hand” (via. Genius) In the midst of Canon’s Sessions Tour, he drops a banger of a single, titled “Round Em Up.” Buy “Round Em Up” iTunes and Amazon Stream “Round […]

Friends and Family Tour Concert Review | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

For those that have not been formally introduced, my name is Christopher Phiouthong, also known as your favorite Asian, Chrispy, AKA the diversity of Trackstarz, AKA the guy responding sarcastically on the facebook page, and the one posting up for #MovementMondays. This is a concert review for the Friends and Family Tour in Nashville, TN […]