Redemption #TBT | Throwback Theology | @musicfmg @damo_seayn3d @trackstarz

Another July 4th is upon us. Cookouts and fireworks are the orders of the day. Even I the midst of all of the celebrations you have some folks polarized by their views of our country’s past and current political stances. While some want to debate about country’s independence on the 4th of July and liberation […]

Dear “Christians” Pt. 4 | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

  What’s going on everyone!! So, this post will be long, so forgive me. There is a topic that needs to be addressed, especially in the Christian community, and that topic is homosexuality. I really hope we all, myself included, grasp the importance of how to actually be a Christian, instead of just claiming the […]

The Big Decision | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! Man, this week has been CRAZY!! I had a huge day Sunday, and then my birthday was Tuesday, and I mainly want to hone in on Sunday. I got baptized!! It was a big decision for me, just like it is for anyone who takes the step of baptism. It is […]