A.I. The Anomaly Releases “Soul’s Acrylic” Album | @aitheanomaly @gomrecords @trackstarz

At long last, A.I. The Anomaly’s God Over Money debut album, ‘Soul’s Acrylic,’ is finally here! This album has been hinted at as being A.I.’s finest work to date, and why shouldn’t it? A.I. blends her poetic lyricism over dope instrumentals and pours her soul out on the canvas. A.I. is an artist and the music is just another medium for her to utilize for the glory of the Lord. Anomaly comes hard out the gate with sixteen songs, each one worthy of multiple listens.

Don’t sleep on this project, make sure you support A.I., and tell a friend to tell a friend. Blow up A.I.’s mentions and support this artist as much as you would any other artist(maybe even more so), and let’s get her album on the charts. What are your favorite songs from ‘Soul’s Acrylic?’