Jonathan Baker Releases New EP “Let Us Stand” | @jonathan_wp_baker @trackstarz

Jonathan Baker AKA “Mr. Nothing’s Wrong,” recently released a new EP titled ‘Let Us Stand.’  This EP appears to be the spiritual sequel to the project, ‘All Minds Clear,’ a project that Jonathan and Taelor Gray collaborated on. When you put the titles together you are get the statement, “All Minds Clear, Let Us Stand,” […]

Parris Chariz “WWYD | Angel In Disguise” Music Video | @parrischariz @trackstarz

Parris Chariz of World 45 recently dropped a new music video featuring two of his songs from his project ‘2045:Airwavs(Deluxe Album).’ This video features the bonus tracks “WWYD” and “Angel In Disguise” which are both bonus tracks from the deluxe album, and it paints a cohesive picture about money and why people go to great […]

Jered Sander’s “DasOnYou” Music Video | @jeredsanders @trackstarz

Jered Sanders released his second visual from his upcoming project ‘Black Friday 3:Mamba Mentality.’ His newest music video “DasOnYou” shows Jered spitting while he’s eating his breakfast with his family in the room. Jered has posted that he will be posting new visuals everyday leading up to the release of his project. Check out the […]

Wande “Woo” Music Video | @omgitswande @reachrecords @trackstarz

Wande Isola, of the Wande Isola Network, AKA Blande, is back with a brand new visual for the smash single “Woo.” Wande channels her inner cheerleader in this one, and usual is on point with the choreography. You even see her get a little AKA step in. Check out the video and single below.  

Nectar Artist Joseph Interview | @kev_inthecorner @_godaddeth @trackstarz

  Joseph is an artist you need to hear   Up and coming artist, Joseph, is someone you will remember. With the release of his new project, ‘The Purpose Within,’ he brings his unique sound and delivery to the masses.   Here’s a glimpse into the young legend in the making….   How long have […]