4 Traits of a Confident Single Woman | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

She’s unapologetically herself She is unafraid of what others think of her. Thus, she isn’t willing to dim who she is to appease others. This honesty in embracing herself keeps her from living a lie with a guy just to be with a guy. Instead, she honors the covenant that she has with God and […]

Gowe Releases New Single “Hourglass” | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

Gowe is back with a brand new single “Hourglass.” This is Gowe’s first musical release of 2021, and he is back in the jazz hop bag that he is known for. Gowe ponders over the concept of time and how we use the twenty four hours we are given. This is the first single from […]

Jonathan Baker Releases New EP “Let Us Stand” | @jonathan_wp_baker @trackstarz

Jonathan Baker AKA “Mr. Nothing’s Wrong,” recently released a new EP titled ‘Let Us Stand.’  This EP appears to be the spiritual sequel to the project, ‘All Minds Clear,’ a project that Jonathan and Taelor Gray collaborated on. When you put the titles together you are get the statement, “All Minds Clear, Let Us Stand,” […]