There’s A Tidal Wave Coming And Adalid Is Here To Let You Know You Should ‘Be Advised’ | @trackstarz @whoisadalid

‘Be Advised’ is a trumpet call to the world informing us that we are not prepared for what’s coming and what is coming will have catastrophic implications both on humanity and the CHH culture. Adalid explains that the tidal wave, which is mentioned in the hook, is also referencing to the fact that this track is in a (wave) file format. “Be Advised” is also the first official single off of his upcoming album which is scheduled to release sometime in July.
This track doesn’t waste anytime, catching your attention 6 seconds in as your eardrums vibrate from the heavy 808 bass that you hear. Produced by Adalid’s usual go to producer Beatscraze, he draws you in with his heavy punchlines and storytelling wordplay that brings a certain aggressive conviction to the track. To hear this song and more music from Adalid, follow the links below.
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