Meet Cyrus a Christian Hiphop Artist Sharing His Faith Through Sound | @cyrussonata @trackstarz

Cyrus’s first single of the year ‘Evidence’ is an inspirational mellow but confident vibe. This track boasts Jesus meeting him right where he was in dark times of his life and also the confidence that is built in following his purpose. Spotify: Apple Music: Social Media:

Th3 Saga Named One Of The Top 10 Battle Rappers of 2019 | @th3saga @trackstarz

Saga highkey spoke his season “Sensei SZN” into existence last year and he did not disappoint. Christian Battle Rapper Th3 Saga had an incredible year of battles, music releases, and music videos. In one of his last battles of the year, he faced off against Rum Nitty(arguably one of the best punchline battlers in the […]

Building An Effective Team | Bible and Business | @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

When you look at multiple areas in the Bible you can see crowds of people with different talents and abilities. We can look to Jesus and see how he built an effective team. Jesus surrounded himself with fisherman, money handlers, a zealot, and others who did not specified occupations. Jesus was a teacher/rabbi and didn’t have […]

Faith or Denial | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

Can I be real about some of the things that tempt us to turn away from the living God? There is this battle of questioning that we can sometimes experience after a loss. We may ask ourselves have we been walking in faith or denial? Namely, this applies to when we are believing God for […]