TNV (That New Vessel) New Album ‘Baggage Claim’ Available Now | @trackstarz

Baggage Claim the self titled album of rapper/artist TNV is revealed to be a Masterpiece. Filled with emotion and passion, the album reflects on the hurdles that we all battle and what’s our perspective with overcoming obstacles. Are we holding on to past failures? This Album ask that question in detail with every track.Tnv has […]

Jered Drops New Single “Doing It Wrong” | @jeredsanders @trackstarz

God Over Money artist Jered Sanders has many clamoring for the release of the upcoming album ‘Hope Is Dope 2’ and this recently released single “Doing It Wrong” will only add fuel to the fire. Jered tells the story of one of his friends who got married and was “Doing It Wrong.” The fact that […]

Introducing IllTalian | @illtalian @trackstarz @nectarelite

Trackstarz has been making moves with the Nectar distribution partnering with artists such as Mike Sarge, Surf Gvng, Loso, among various others. One of the newest editions to Nectar is an artist known as Illtalian. For those who aren’t familiar with him here’s a little bit about him. Illtalian is an award-winning rapper of Italian and […]

Possessing the Promises of God in Humility | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

I’m going into the new year like #humility. Yes, humility is something that prepares us for more. Read my book, “The Wholeness Action Plan” where I discuss how humbling circumstances prepare us for more. The Bible says the below about humility: ​Before destruction, the heart of a man is haughty, And before honor is humility. – Proverbs 18:12 […]