Knaladeus Releases New Project “The Daydreamer EP” | @knaladeus @menacemovement @danielsteelemusic @ag.graphicdesigner @trackstarz

Knaladeus  released his debut project on Menace Movement titled ‘The Daydreamer EP.’ This project was produced entirely by DSTL and features guest artists like A.I. the Anomaly, Jess Norris, Datin, and StefanOtto. Knaladeus gives the people seven solid songs with that boom bap feel. Knaladeus also released a music video for the song “A.D.D.” Check…

Datin Releases Music Video For “Essential” | @datin_tripled @cephasmusic @stefanottomusic @jcartermusic @trackstarz

Datin recently released the Christian Hip Hop version of “Avengers Assemble” with his project ‘CHH Ain’t Dead Vol.1.’ He recently released a music video for the song titled “Essential” featuring Cephas, StefanOtto, and J. Carter. Check out the video below and make sure to purchase and then stream Datin’s album if you haven’t already.