NF ‘The Search’ Album Review |@nfrealmusic @solomonsporchp1 @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

This is our One Shot episode reviewing NF’s album ‘The Search.” This review is done by Jason Bordeaux and Aaron Simpkins. Let us know what you think of the album. Visit the website for more content. Thanks to our Patreon supporters Sam Blackwell & Read B. Verses. If you would like to support the […]

5 For 5: Top Five Album Reviews | @kennyfresh1025 @refresherpoint @trackstarz

In this installment, we’ll discuss arguably my largest contribution to the Trackstarz website: album reviews. In 2016, I was doing a lot of writing, but I felt something was missing. I started writing album reviews because I loved listening to albums more than once and picking out certain things I had missed from a previous […]

Abiv Without You |Album Review| (@abivmusic @trackstarz)

Abiv, west coast R&B singer and independent artist has finally released his first retail EP, Without You. Abiv has had many appearances with members of the Dream Junkies and Social Club Misfits. If you have ever heard him featured on any other song, you might be a bit surprised when you hear what he has […]