Abiv Without You |Album Review| (@abivmusic @trackstarz)

Abiv, west coast R&B singer and independent artist has finally released his first retail EP, Without You. Abiv has had many appearances with members of the Dream Junkies and Social Club Misfits. If you have ever heard him featured on any other song, you might be a bit surprised when you hear what he has to offer on this group of solo songs. In terms of just the sound and vibes you get off of this album, it is a very relaxed sound. Abiv is a very melodic artist and really loves to carry his voice on each track of this project.

The album feels to be split into 2 sections, with the first half being almost like a love song to his wife and the second, feeling like the story of the Prodigal son in the bible. The first couple songs are wondering around the idea of being cautious at the start of relationship and not wanting to rush things. Towards the end of the first half, he gets to the point of telling her that he wants her to be his wife. The tracks feel a little ambiguous in the way that it also feels like he could be talking about his relationship with God, at first not really wanting to go all in but at the end he wants nothing more.

As mentioned above, the second has a very similar feeling of the story of the Prodigal son in the bible. Abiv in some points his relationship God has apparently stayed away and now he’s coming to a point of realization that his life will lead to emptiness without God. Overall, this is a good debut by the R&B singer that should help build a platform for improvement in the later years of his career.