On this weeks episode we have with us Big Zvch, a CHH artist based out of Asheville, NC. He talks about his upcoming single, Play My Role ft. Mitch Darrell & YJO. Also in this episode we talk about our favorite Bible verses and codeswitching.

News and Reviews (00:01-49:29)

Selah the Corner – Skyline ft. Lavoisier & Rigz (49:30-53:00)

Round 5 Top Bible Verses (53:01-1:12:25)

Eshon Burgundy – Nothing Above You (1:12:25-1:16:10)

Christian Codeswitching (1:16:11-1:40:44)

The Devil Wears Prada – Switchblade (1:40:45-1:43:48)

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