The House Church Movement Pt. 2 | How To Start “Church” From Scratch | @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

Jason and Shawn break down the view of home church and compare it to Acts 2. They also brainstorm on some ideas of what starting a church could look like biblically. News and Reviews (00:01:29:15) Alcott – Before the Lord Take Me ft. Futuristic & 350 (29:16-31:58) The House Church Movement Pt. 2 (31:59-50:10) Chris […]

Are You Ready For Marriage? | Top Women Led Films | @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

This week Jason and Shawn give advice for those wondering if they are ready for marriage. They also share their top women led films in honor of women’s history month. News and Reviews (00:01-42:31) TC – Superbia (42:32-45:51) Top Women Led Films (45:52-1:15:22) Zabbai – No, Never (1:15:23-1:18:37) Are You Ready For Marriage (1:18:38-1:49:33) The […]

Faith and Fandom “Finding God In Geek Culture” | Star Wars Impersonations | @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

This week we are joined by Hector Miray from Faith and Fandom. We talk about how Christians can appreciate geek culture and maintain our Christian dignity. We also did a first on this show and did some impersonations of some Star Wars characters. News and Reviews (00:01-47:32) Jason Bordeaux – Forever Free ft. Sean David […]

Reach Records | A&R and Production | @aceharrismusic @jasonbordeaux @trackstarz

On this episode I had the privilege of interviewing Ace Harris. Ace is an A&R and producer who currently works at reach records. He has had major placements in mainstream as well as on well known CHH albums. We discuss his come up into production and how that led into his A&R career. Thanks to […]

Response to American Gospel:Moralism | Top Wrestlers Turned Actors | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

On this episode we start to share our thoughts regarding the documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone and we started with the first topic of Christian Moralism. We also did our top 5 movies where wrestlers turn actors. News and Reviews (00:01-30:00) Elohin – Words of Wisdom (30:01-32:46) Top Wrestlers Turned Actors (32:47-54:37) S.H.A.M – The […]

Racial History In America | Top People To Have Lunch With | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

In this episode we discuss with our guest Jason Motley the history of racial tensions in America and the church. We also shared a list of people we would love to have lunch with. News and Reviews (00:01-28:58) Mitch Darrell & Boomer – Stop Killing Us (28:59-30:09) Top People to Have Lunch With (30:10-1:01:46) Lecrae […]

Rhyan Lamarr | Film & Music Production | @lamarrrhyan @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

In this episode I have Rhyan Lamarr, film producer and music artist. He is the creator of the film Canal Street and also has just released a new album aPERFECTmess. We talk about his come up through school, being homeless, then to his current success. Check out his film at Stream or buy his […]

Meah Evans & Meesa Jones | M&M Live Radio | @mmliveradio @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

On this episode of the Business with Bordeaux Podcast I interviewed Meah Evans and Messa Jones, the creators and hosts of the M&M Live Radio show. They spent many years doing the show for AM radio and now have greatly expanded beyond that with much wisdom gained. Sponsors for this episode: Dre Bee – New […]

What Makes Music “Christian” | Top 5 Christian Metal Bands | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

This week we had our patron supporter Sam Blackwell back with us and we discussed what exactly classifies music as “Christian.” To add to the discussion we did our round 5 top Christian metal bands. The guys share their thoughts on the new Red album Declaration. News and Reviews (00:01-36:05) Jason Bordeaux – In My […]