King’s Dream Ent. gearing up for..? |@KingsDreamENT @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

There has been a lot of movement going on in the CHH world these past few days. Artists getting signed, newer artists gearing up to release debut projects, and so on and so forth. However, there is one media label/label that has been making moves and has been going mostly unnoticed: King’s Dream Entertainment. Beleaf […]

Watch Your Expectations |Bordeaux’s Business Blog| (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1)

One of the biggest issues with doing business with other Christian companies is the assumption that they will do favors or act any differently from any other business. Many may disagree, but just because you are a “Christian” business does not entitle you to anything. As a “ministry” that may be different, but in the […]

Tackling “THE WHY” (Part I) | @CoachDPolite @Trackstarz

Introduction The purpose of this article is to shed light on some bad situations others have been in and how they got through it with their relationship with GOD. It is my prayer that in some ways you can identify with a few of these people and draw strength from their stories. IN NO WAY […]

Why My Black Life Ultimately Doesn’t Matter (@trackstarz @thisisraysurnet)

No room for cozy intros with this topic, let’s dig in. In wake of all of the police brutality (well, the current cases anyway) someone, somewhere established the Black Lives Matter movement to supposedly combat police brutality among Black people. (Sidebar: I HATE the term African American when used to refer to Americans with ancestors […]

Don’t Get Too Familiar| @trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1 )

Familiarity can kill relationships over time. This happens with marriages, parent/child relationships, friends, and church family. We can get so used to a person and know so much about them, we forget about that special treasure within them that we found so special. That is the valuable part of a person we can forget to […]

A Godly Response to the Orlando Shooting |@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1

By now most have heard of the horrific shooting that occurred in Orlando, Florida on Sunday around 2am. I saw the news Sunday morning and was immediately saddened. I did not have all the information at the time; I just hoped these people were followers of Jesus and that I would meet them in eternity. […]

The Comeback Kids | @Mike_Sarge @Trackstarz

Let’s be honest about something: we ALL have issues. Regardless of how we try to look at some struggles to be worse than others, we recognize there are things in our lives that need to be addressed. We need to correct wrong directions or compensate for bad decisions. Occasionally, we need a ‘Comeback.’ An example […]