Feed The Mind, Strengthen The Body|@trackstarz @thisisraysurnet

I was in conversation with a friend, and as always with we ladies the conversation turned to weight and diet. My friend shared with me she had been struggling (as we all have at one time or another) and was instructed to eat whatever she wanted as long as it fit on a saucer. I […]

Reality TV Gladiators |@thisisraysurnet @trackstarz

In my quiet time I have felt we are no different than any other people throughout history. If we pay attention, we will see an ever repeating pattern of behaviors by people as a whole. The same issues haunt societies. Race, sex, gender, morality the list of common themes in our lives were the same […]

Where’s The Grace? | @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

The saying goes “They will know we are Christians by our love” but where is it in the modern day church? When speaking with those disillusioned with the church they all have similar things such as “the church is full of hypocrites” or the “Christians are some of the meanest people I know.” As someone […]

Insight From My Garden (@trackstarz @thisisraysurnet)

My family and I are growing our own garden. This is funny to me as I’ve never even been able to keep a cactus alive, but we forge on nonetheless. Every step of this process has been amazing to me! I don’t consider myself a survivalist but I do see a need for self sufficiency. […]

Loyalty| @Mike_Sarge @trackstarz

Whenever you see an article or video concerning the topic of loyalty, the focus is usually on other people and how loyal they’re not. But what about you? Better yet: Are you loyal to yourself? That question alone comes off pretty arrogant doesn’t it? So what’s the issue? As believers, we understand that we should […]