Goals: Set Them High | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

A goal without action is just a dream. Dreaming big is amazing and needs to happen,  but if there is no plan to carry it out, then it’s just a glorified thought. The way dreams come to fruition is by having a plan of action. That plan of action is called setting goals. Goals are […]

Lecrae Pops Up On BET | @lecrae @reachrecords @therundownbet @trackstarz

BET has been showing Lecrae love for quite a while now. From cyphers, to award performances, BET has allowed Lecrae to do what he does just on a larger platform. This tradition continued when Lecrae performed “Broke” on the late night talk show ” The Rundown With Robin Thede.” The footage was recently released and […]

Angie Rose Raises $5K For Puerto Rico Relief Efforts | @angierosemusik @trackstarz

Angie Rose is an artist and woman of God who continues to blaze trails. From her amazing music to her heart for people, she’s doing amazing work. Bronx News Channel 12 caught up with Rose to discuss some of the work she’s been doing to raise funds for Puerto Rico. They speak about her “UNSTOPPABLE” […]

Tough Skin And A Tender Heart | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s up everyone!! I know with Christmas around the corner, it would make sense to write about something involving Christmas. I think, however, there is a specific topic that is important for me to share on. That is having tough skin and a tender heart. I really believe that when we possess these characteristics, it […]