Why Diversity Is Needed | @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

I’ve been in a lot of discussions lately regarding perspectives and diversity. I remember when I started my current job at the hospital I work at, I was required to go to a diversity training seminar. This seminar focused on trying to be openmined to other cultures and practices that are different from our own. […]

Don’t Believe The Hype | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

It’s a new year!! 2018 is upon us, and like most people, I’m excited for the fresh start that comes with the new year. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!! Yes this is a new year and a chance to reach new goals and to be a “new you”, but don’t get it twisted: without discipline and […]

A. Ward To Battle On KOTD Ganik Vs Gully 2 Card | @iam_award @trackstarz

A. Ward is looking to set his 2018 off right! Canadian based battle rap platform, KOTD (King Of The Dot), recently dropped the trailer for their upcoming event Ganik vs Gully 2. A. Ward is set to battle representing Team Gully facing off against veteran rapper Cortez on Team Ganik. You can find the trailer […]

Guard Your Intimate Relationship With God | @intercesstion4ag @trackstarz

Those who really know me know that my intimate relationship with God is the most important thing that I have. I emphasize intimate, meaning close. This is important because there are believers in Christ who are far from God, and believers in Christ who are close to God. I want to be one who is […]