In The Midst of Adversity | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

“It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You”. These words from the song, This Is How I Fight My Battles, have been ringing in my head the past few days. We sang this song at my church, and while we were singing, I looked ahead of me, and I broke down at what […]

Protecting Your Spirit Through Humility| @Intercession4ag @Trackstarz

It is going to take humility to endure with patience. One, because patient endurance requires trust in Christ to avenge or resolve any wrongdoing done to us that provoked us. Although, the norm isn’t to be provoked to patience, but to fighting. We want to fight for our reputation when someone gets out of pocket […]

What I Learned at Skyzone | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! I do apologize for the unusual timing of this article. But here we are; back at it again. A couple days ago, I went to Skyzone with my girlfriend. It was an awesome experience, and I would recommend everyone to try it out!! It is a huge trampoline park and […]

Protect Your Spirit Through Practicing Patience| @Intercession4ag @Trackstarz

How well do you protect your spirit? Recently, on my social media, I wrote about the importance of a quiet spirit. A quiet spirit is a spirit that lacks distraction and unnecessary noise. It’s a disposition of peace that allows us to hear God clearly, and to be more self-aware realizing what is going on […]

Mid-week Motivation | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! This week, I just wanted to throw some motivation out for y’all, because frankly, I need it as well. Sometimes, life can get extremely overwhelming with stress, work, and challenges, and it is easy to fall in a slump of complacency. It’s so funny to me how I seem to lack […]

Mamba Mentality | @trackstarz @coachdpolite

The news hit us all so hard. My basketball team had just won a big road game and when the coaches went to the locker room to celebrate it was weirdly somber. After we huddled, someone broke the news to me and I literally had to sit down. I really could not believe it. It […]

10 Principles of Powerful Women by R.C. Blakes| @Trackstarz @Intercession4ag

It’s a new day for women who know who they are. Recently, I attended a conference that featured Pastor R.C. Blakes. He encourages women nationally and internationally with his teachings of Queenology. Queenology is an intentional way that women carry themselves. These women as he teaches are self-aware, self-mastered, self-sufficient, self-projected, and self-actualized. Women who […]