Sharing My Journey: How I came to Resolve as A Single Woman Over 30 @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Three years ago, I started chronicling my journey as a single woman via video blogs. I started at age 33. Now, at age 35, I am more resolved than I’ve ever been before. In the most, recent video blog, I cover a few perspectives that helped to get me to that place of resolve. If you’ve been following my blogs on Intercession For A Generation, much of this will be a review for you.

No Longer Looking at Myself from a Perspective of Lack

One of Satan’s greatest strategies against those who seek to honor God in their singleness is to cause us to believe the lie that we are missing something. He will show us all of our friends, associates, and others who have disobeyed God in areas where we have taken a stand and how blessed they are.  Then he wants us to look back at ourselves to see that we are without a relationship or loving spouse.

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