Wilfredo ‘Metanoia, Vol.1’ EP Review | @wilfredo.muzik @trackstarz @forthelovehiphop

Wilfredo is a talented rapper and singer, originally from Lynn, MA, but currently residing in Orlando, FL. On his latest EP, ‘Metanoia, Vol. 1’, he shows off his versatility from start to finish. On the intro track, “Calling For”, you’ll hear a short instrumental and sung lyrics about calling out to God to get you prepared for the next 3 songs and theme of the EP. After the intro, “something else.”, has Wilfredo singing “I’m trying to have ‘Conversations With Constellations’ as I Crescendo into the night”, a reference of tribute to his friend and fellow Florida MC Crescendo’s 2020 EP. #CrescendoForever! Next up, “has led me” begins with the same chains that you heard in “Calling for” seemingly be dropped, then Wilfredo kicks a verse that feels dark and sad, but then transitions half way through with a faster flow. The EP closes with a hopeful song called “over the hills.”, representing the hope we rest in when we decide to surrender to God’s love for us.

‘Metanoia, Vol. 1,’ is a perfect example of a great concept EP. As previously noted, the sound effects of the chains, theme of the songs, and even the track titles when read all together, are all part of one careful plan. In many cases, when these bodies of work are attempted, the quality of music can be a bit lower due to the ambition of staying true to the theme, but that wasn’t the result that Wilfredo will give the listener. From sung choruses that make you feel exactly what is on Wilfredo’s heart to the rapped verses that show his aggression and passion, to the fitting production choices, ‘Metanoia, Vol. 1’ packs in way more of an impression than you would expect from the 9 minute and 10 second run time. If this is an example of what Wilfredo is capable of musically, new listeners will want to stick around to hear more of his work and his core supporters will be impacted by his message and execution.