Reborn Tha Rebizzle | “Can’t You See” | Single Review | @reborn183

The views and opinions of this single review are not the views and opinions of Trackstarz. This is solely my opinion, I listened to “Can’t You See” by Reborn Tha Rebizzle featuring Jaron Johnson FKA J. Silas. The song can be linked to the regional sound of where the artists are from, which is New York/Philly. The song gives you that boom-bap/ backpack sound. And I literally mean that! You can hear beatboxing during the intro. When the first verse comes in, the song puts you into the mindset of an early 90’s “Flipmode Squad” type sound. I base that off the beat and East Coast flow pattern I got from it.

Not everyone is a fan of intros, but I am. I love it when you hit it and go! You make it funny, thought-provoking, or if it ties into the theme of the song. With this song, they give us an intro, but it’s nothing more than an introduction to artists. Not every song needs an intro or an outro, most songs maybe have one or the other. In my opinion, no song needs both. All you need is meat and potatoes, the verses, and the hook. In this case, the intro and outro were too long and overdone. To me, the best songs hit you with an unforgettable hook, and one or two verses that keep you in the vibe and then it’s on to the next.

Hook writing is probably the most important part of any song. The hook ties you into what the verses will speak to. I’ve heard people say that if you don’t write your hook, you get the label of having a ghostwriter. I don’t think that’s true. You want the song to stand out. Maybe the song works, but the hook doesn’t. I know one popular artist who told me that if he can’t write the hook he won’t do the feature. I think he’s onto something. I heard a collaboration where he wrote the hook and the song took the other artist to the next level. That artist is still on top to this day! In this case, I think the artists should have had someone else do the hook entirely. Not that the hook they wrote didn’t work, but when I was listening to it I could easily envision a young lady singing it. I noticed too that the words were kind of crammed into pockets where they didn’t belong to keep the melody going for the hook. For me, that was a distraction from the song. When the verses are flowing maybe it’s best to push the song like a cypher. I see artists doing that a lot these days and it works for them.

Overall, I do recommend that you check out the song for yourself. Give it your own grade, rating, and score. I must say that the song is full of substance that supports the intentions of Gospel Rap. It speaks to what God has called us to, what He wants us to establish for His Kingdom, and how we are supposed to be living our lives as believers.

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