Uzuhan Has A Heart To Heart In “Tough Guy” Single | @uzuhanmusic @prodby1995 @joshcleve_ishuman @trackstarz

Uzuhan has never been one to shy away from the tough subjects, and his latest single, “Tough Guy,” is proof of that. We are living in a time where many have realized that the masculinity they’ve been handed was toxic. The old ethos of “boys don’t cry” has left us with a generation of young men who don’t know how to properly communicate or express their emotions. Uzuhan gets at that in his newest single.


The first verse finds Uzuhan talking about being at a wedding and the groom doing the Mother Son dance. He painted the scene poetically, stating that this dance with the groom gave the mother “the prom she never had.” Uzuhan himself was moved to tears at this sight and realized he had run out of tissues. It was then that he looked over to ask someone next to him for more when realized that several folks were like “robots with shoes.” They were not only dry eyed but said they the dance was “pretty nice.” This verse points at how the inability to be vulnerable keeps is from experiencing life’s wonderful gifts.

The next verse finds Uzuhan talking about how he was raised. Apologizing if his tears made others seem awkward and so many other things. The hook on this song is beautiful as it is satirical. Singing is generally seen as not tough, so Uzuhan croons about being a tough guy over this piano led instrumental. Everything about this song is counter cultural from what one thinks of when a “Tough Guy” is mentioned. The song is almost like a ballad bemoaning the tough guy stereotype, and the single artwork of Izuhan smelling a flower only brings the messaging that much closer to home.


Every man needs to listen to this song and realize not only is it ok to be vulnerable and cry, but it is healthy. This world needs more men who can express their emotions, and hopefully Uzuhan’s “Tough Guy” gives the listener freedom to do just that.



What do you think of Uzuhan’s latest single? Who is the “Tough Guy” in your life?