Bizzle “Crazy/No Enemies” Music Video | @bizzle @byronjuane @trackstarz

Bizzle released a new music video for all the God Over Money fans today. This video, “Crazy/No Enemies,” blends two songs and makes for an interesting experience. The first half is “Crazy” from Bizzle’s latest album ‘The Messenger 4: Independents Day.’ Bizzle is in a mental institution wearing a straitjacket as he spits bars about how what we take in affects our mental state.

When Bizzle escapes the institution and walks out the door, the beat switches and we get a snippet of “No Enemies.” If the song doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because Bizzle released it today. Make sure you check out the newly released single, “No Enemies,” featuring RMG artist Byron Juane. Check out the video and single below. What do you think of the music and the video?