EA North “TRUE WEALTH” EP Review | @e.a.n.o.r.t.h @kennyfresh1025 @refresherpoint @trackstarz

It’s not too often that I get the chance to review a project from across the pond, but today is such an occasion. United Kingdom based artist EA North released his ‘TRUE WEALTH’ EP at the end of September this year, meaning it’s been out for two weeks. This is my first time listening to his music, so I’m eager to dive into this project.

The first track on this EP isn’t a song at all, it is an interlude. Not many artists start their projects with one of those but here we are. EA North talks over an airy beat as he speaks of all the things he’s grateful to God for. This interlude tops out at just shy of two minutes. EA knows he can’t possibly thank the Lord for all He’s done, so he just wanted to start the project off with an attitude of gratitude.

The second track is the first actual song of the project and it is titled “FALL ON ME.” North talks about the anointing of God falling on him whenever he prays to the Lord. He talks about God always proving him wrong, when he thinks he had nothing left, God always gives him more. I like the production on this song as it leaves space for EA North to just sing without his voice getting lost in the beat. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard an R&B song about God’s anointing, but there’s a first time for everything. EA North has piqued my interest to hear the rest of the project, so let’s see what else he has in store.

The third song on the project is “THINGS MONEY CAN’T BUY” featuring Grace Foster. On the first verse, EA North is speaking from the perspective of God and he is talking to someone asking if they can feel His Spirit or His presence. God is letting the listener know that He has a plan for them and he ends the verse with, “I know what I made you for, I know what you’re searching for.” That’s the million dollar question that both Millennials and Gen Z are asking, and EA North is saying that God has all the answers for them. Everything a person needs can be found in God. Not an angry or judgmental God, but a loving and understanding God. This leads directly to the hook as North croons, “Tryna find things that money can’t buy.” It’s not a complex or intricate hook but it’s straight to the point and gets EA’s message across.

Grace is on the second verse and she’s singing about trying to connect with God but not realizing she was going about it the wrong way. She tried to say that God didn’t care about her but she knew that wasn’t true. In her own words she was just, “Bitter and broken, but I know I’ve already been chosen.” This is a great song and it’s vulnerability makes it a vital part of this project. So far, this single is the star of the EP.

The next to last song is titled “FINESSE,” and it clocks in at just under two minutes. EA hits us with a quick word on how he refuses to let an opponent finesse him. Whether he means finessing him out of the life he has in Christ or just getting finessed in general, that’s up for debate. Nevertheless, EA North refuses to be finessed and turns to the cross for either his “resolve” or “result.” I couldn’t distinguish what he was saying at that point, but I definitely appreciated the vibes. I love this beat, my only complaint about this song is that I wish it was longer. This is yet another good song on the EP.

The final song is called “BALLIN.” When the song first starts, we are greeted with some saucy guitars and then EA North just launches into his verse. This stream of consciousness record finds EA using a plethora of sports metaphors to illustrate his relationship with The Lord. He hits some falsetto moments with “blessing” and “a youngin’ from the West End,” that I found enjoyable. On yet another short song, EA North manages to take the listener on a complete journey through his mind and life.  My favorite part of this song is when he says, “Youngin’  I been ballin, got the Holy Ghost on speed dial/Calling up the plug, I got everything I need now.” That section was so nice, he had to say it twice! With the focus of this project being that which cannot be bought, this was a great way to end the project.

On ‘TRUE WEALTH,’ EA North sought to speak about the immeasurable treasure that dwells inside each and every person that has surrendered their life to Jesus. Going into this project I had no idea what to expect, but I left wanting more from EA North. I don’t know if he raps, but if he does, I’d like to hear some of that on the next project. I love the production, it’s apparent that EA has his own sound and he’s sticking to that. My one complaint is that I would love to hear his true singing voice. Unless I’m hearing wrong, there seems to be some sort of effect on all of his vocals throughout this project except for the interlude. If he can really sing, I would like to hear that. That would make him stand out even more in a time where many are using the same types of effects on their vocals and using similar production to EA North. This project is approximately eleven minutes long but EA took us on a musical journey. If he can deliver this amount of quality in less than fifteen minutes, I’m curious as to what he can accomplish with a full length project. If you want to listen to some great music from across the pond, check out EA North’s ‘TRUE WEALTH’ EP.