longliveadamariz Drops Her Final Track ‘L.A. Vibes’ From Her New Album “The Sequel” | @lladamariz @trackstarz

The song “L.A. Vibes” is the final track from my latest album: longliveadamariz: the sequel. The sequel is about me, as longliveadamariz, having a breakthrough moment in my faith. The intro track “Savage”, is about high school Adamaris realizing how lost and egoistic she is. In “Nightmare”, she confronts those who attempted to bring her down, by continuing to be egoistic and showing off her rapping skills. From tracks 3-7, I go back and forth with God about my thoughts. I discuss problems such as, letting my emotions get the best of me, overthinking, social problems, self-worth, and suicidal ideation. In the final track, I hope for a better feature but ultimately know that God will provide everything I need. In the chorus I talk about the main things people expect to get once they are famous/blow up: move to LA, find the love of their life, buy a mansion, and much more. While in the verses I discuss why I deserve fame and success in my rap career.