Nic D Inks Deal With Label Following Success of “Fine Apple” Single | @iamnicd @ruslankd @trackstarz

Nic D has been that man for a while. From the consistent release of high quality music for the past two and a half years, to amassing fanbases across multiple platforms, Nic has been thriving. Back in February he was approached by a record label to partner with him around his smash hit single “Fine Apple” a month after its release. The deal didn’t make sense to Nic, so he turned it down and continued to work the record and build up his community in other ways. He created the FRDi podcast, based around his FRDi(Feels Right Don’t It) brand, and has been killing it in the Tik Tok space. Nic D was recently being interviewed by Ruslan of King’s Dream and broke the news about a collaboration with a major label!

Nic D recently shared on his instagram that “Fine Apple” had hit the Top 50 Viral Songs playlist on Spotify and acknowledged that it was all due to the support of his fans. Shortly after the single went viral, all sorts of record labels were hitting Nic up. One label made an offer that made sense to Nic, based around his single “Fine Apple” and allowed him to maintain his independence, so Nic D chose to collaborate with Republic records, a division of Universal Music Group! On his interview with Ruslan, he goes into how the single deal came about. Nic’s song “Fine Apple” is a song glorifying his wife and it’s opening doors that most couldn’t imagine. Let’s celebrate Nic’s success and realize that being a Christian in this space doesn’t limit what you can do or how high and far you can go.


For the whole interview, check out this video.



If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months and hadn’t heard “Fine Apple,” check out the single below.