J. Monty Celebrates His Freedom With “Free Me” Project | @jmontystudios @trackstarz

J. Monty is back with his first project in six years and he’s got a lot to say. Following his release from his record label deal, the CHH fans were abuzz at the thought of new music from Monty. Unfortunately, none ever came. Monty had a story to tell and wasn’t in any rush to put it out. He put time and effort into each song until he was finally ready to present it to the world. Now we have the ‘Free Me’ project. This seven song project takes the listener through J. Monty’s life over the past few years in candid detail. Some of these struggles he’s shared on his social media, but not like this.

On songs like “Mr. Repo,” Monty goes into detail about his car getting repossessed and he tags in Parris Chariz. The struggles and hard lessons he had to learn culminate with the title track “Free Me.” Monty lets the listener inside his world with a level of transparency and vulnerability that’s almost frightening but refreshing at the same time. This project is Monty’s first since his departure from his label, so there is surely more music to come; this is just the first sample.

Everyone has been screaming for a J. Monty project; now that it’s here, let’s make sure to run his numbers up and get him on the top of some charts! What do you think of the project and what is your favorite song?