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‘The Crimson Six’ Comic Book

by: Hayden Cockrill

Coming to you this June 2020 on Amazon ‘The Crimson Six’ Comic book!

Story/plot behind the book:

Beneath the history of mankind, an ancient evil has lurked. A nightmarish master plan orchestrated from centuries past will plunge humanity into oblivion, paving the way for a new world to rise. The Reaper is done waiting, and his scythe is primed for harvest. Yet, this world is not without hope. Another power is at play, a task force made up of six superhuman defenders known as the Crimson Six. And now, armed with a new recruit, they may finally be able to vanquish Reaper once and for all. Will they be victorious, or will death prove to be the greatest conqueror of all?

The Crimson Six is an action-packed black and white graphic novel hearkening back to the classic good versus evil superhero tale, yet still containing a meaningful story of family, belonging, and forgiveness.

How Trackstarz fits in to my story:

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved reading and creating comic books. My senior year of high school, I decided I really wanted to pursue my dream of creating my own. The first year out of high school, I drew almost all day every day while doing odd jobs like yard work and mowing lawns to make what I needed. All while either drawing or working, I would listen to podcasts to keep me company, one of which was Trackstarz. I loved listening to their discussions in segments like noteworthy, and I loved their passion for Jesus which always inspired and encouraged me.

I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to create a comic book with a Christian worldview. So, I thought I would write to Trackstarz to get their opinion, and they answered! All of the guys offered useful advice, and the one piece that stuck out the most is when DJ Jeremaya basically said making a quality product and serving people well is itself a way to love people, referencing the Chick-Fil-A model. That really resonated with me, along with the Tolkien model of making an epic story containing symbolism while still being able to entertain readers who don’t quite get it, and possibly even opening up opportunities for discussing the gospel.

Shortly after I wrote in, Pastor Bob Beeman, the heavy metal pastor, gave me the amazing opportunity to create my own graphic novel, and the Trackstarz’ advice definitely helped me with creating the story.

Thank you all for your support and look forward to you all checking it out!