Th3 Saga To Appear On URL’s NOME X Event | @th3saga @trackstarz

Battle rapper and pioneer Th3 Saga is about to make history. He is the first Christian battle rapper on URL’s stage and platform and has been active there for six years. While his career has some highs and lows, Sensei Saga has been on a consistent three year run with his battles. Many in the […]

J Righteouz Releases New Single ‘Kingdom Come’ | @trackstarz

“This is a deep conscious song about some of the trials and tribulations that go on in the world. Those things are happening one day there will be better days when we get to heaven there will be no more drama no more problems and peace, love, and joy. I pray this song touches many.” […]

Dee Black Delivers Hope In Newest Single | @deeblackmusic @mouthpi3ce @trackstarz

The front man of Hisstory Music Group, Dee Black, is back with another dope single. Dee Black delivers bars about “Hope” over an epic instrumental, and he tags in prolific wordsmith Mouthpi3ce on the second verse. Both emcees acknowledge the darkness of the world while also explaining that the hope of the Believer and the […]

Dee-1 “Long Time Coming” Feat. Keyiara | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee-1 is unifying people the best way he know how, and that’s with his music. Today he released the single “Long Time Coming” featuring Keyiara on the hook. Dee-1 goes into detail about the current times and how we all need God. Check the single out below and buy and stream it. What do you […]

New Podcast:! Show #351 – Questions For an “All Lives Matter” Advocate | M&M Live Radio On this show of M&M Live Radio, our hosts Meesa & Meah ask their listeners what’s one question they would ask an “All Lives Matter” advocate. This week during #TooManyHashtags, this week’s trending topics, we talk about Chuck-E-Cheese going out of business, J.Cole vs. NoName & so much more. Plus, M&M read a new […]