Marty Drops “The Last One” Feat. Wande Music Video | @deathbymartymar @omgitswande @trackstarz

Marty’s latest video, “The Last One,” featuring Wande  is out and shows both artists in animated form. This is the last song on Marty’s ‘Marty For President 2’ and solidifes the finale of the ‘Marty For President’ series. This series followed in the style of popular sitcom show “Friends” with each title of the song “The One..” The sitcom series finale was “The Last One Pt.2” and the last song on ‘Marty For President 2‘ is aptly named “The Last One.” Although this is the finale, the song and video are upbeat and declare that everything will be alright. Check out the video below and go cop ‘Marty For President 2’ if you haven’t already. What do you think of the video?