Marty Drops ‘Marty For President 2’ Album | @deathbymartymar @trackstarz

Marty of Social Club Misfits just dropped ‘Marty For President 2’ and people are saying it’s the album that they needed in this season. This project is the finale of the ‘Marty For President’ series, and Marty is not sure where to go artistically, he just wants to create. Make sure you go purchase and […]

Th3 Saga Clashes With B Dot In Classic Battle | @th3saga @trackstarz

Yesterday, history was made as Th3 Saga clashed with his rival B Dot on URL’s “Sterilized 2” Event. This battle has been four long years in the making, but it finally happened at exactly the right time. One could say the battle was custom made for such a time as this. Twitter was abuzz with […]

The Climate of America | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

These last two weeks have been heavy. The climate of our country has been sensitive due to the overwhelming impact of several Black people being slain by Police officers or White aggressors in such a short time. We watched the nation go into chaos as the last straw was drawn when George Floyd lost his […]