J-Era Releases New LP ‘Through The Wandering’ | @trackstarz

Combining raw honesty and emotion with Hip-Hop, Trap and Alternative J-Era crafts a brutally blunt LP. ‘Through The Wandering’ sonically fuses Alternative Rock, Trap, and Hip-Hop with production that sets a somber tone with distant distorted guitar riffs, rapid fire hi hats, thunderous 808s and crisps snares. J-Era alternates between flawless flows and emotionally delivered sung choruses and hooks. Not only is the project cohesive sonically but stylistically the vocal performances are an equal amalgamation of genres and influences. ‘Lost Myself’ ‘I Was, I Am’ and ‘Faded’ display a candid picture on heartache, pain, and perseverance. This tone is the foundation for the LP and J-Era crafts more melancholy anthems, delivering memorable heartfelt tracks with an innate knack for commercial song structure and melody. ‘Wanderlust’ is an amazing display of J-Era’s ability to make any grand existential topic into an instantly relatable hit. ‘Fencelines’ continues this outstanding streak. ‘I Told You So’ blends in elements of Pop Punk and boasts J-Era’s profound personal storytelling. ‘Broken’ puts Trap and Nu Metal into a sonic blender and the outcome is a fiery song with J-Era’s faith on full display. ‘Through The Wandering’ is a refreshing album, a light at the end of a tunnel of uninspired rehashed music, a light that is a dual metaphor and a much need beacon for both directions.