J-Era Releases New LP ‘Through The Wandering’ | @trackstarz

Combining raw honesty and emotion with Hip-Hop, Trap and Alternative J-Era crafts a brutally blunt LP. ‘Through The Wandering’ sonically fuses Alternative Rock, Trap, and Hip-Hop with production that sets a somber tone with distant distorted guitar riffs, rapid fire hi hats, thunderous 808s and crisps snares. J-Era alternates between flawless flows and emotionally delivered sung choruses […]

New Podcast:! FiveTwenty Collective Podcast: Season Two | Ep. 05 @FiveTwentyCHH @jusjames916 @nazsect @EricBoston3 @Iam_NateDogg

https://episodes.castos.com/trackstarz/S2Ep5-final.mp3 On Season Two | Ep. 05 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast: Featured song “Timeless” by JusJames Interview with Stanley Straughter of Naz-Sect Publishing Sponsors: Koshiz, Dre Bee, Show Me Christ Records, The Bookkeeper247 Music by DJ Barrcode “Where music meets MINISTRY and the indie artist takes center stage” FiveTwentyCollective.com | radio.fivetwentycollective.com