Money Series Part III: Sowing & Reaping| @intercession4ag, @trackstarz

When I was a teenager, I always had everything I needed, and what I did not have, God made a way for me to have. I would sow from the little that I got. If I had $5, I sometimes gave the whole $5 away. To others, it was sowing small, but to God, it was sowing richly because I was willing to give all that I had. I do believe that God uses the purity of our hearts in giving to show us that we will lack nothing when we are willing to give.

Giving and sowing seed is not something that we just do in church. God may place it on our hearts to give to someone at the gas station or a woman who comes up to us saying she doesn’t have money to feed her kids. God uses his people on earth as instruments to give where there is a need. We have to have a sensitivity to know when and where God is calling us to give.

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