How to Prepare, Show up, and Leave Room for God | @gritandvirtue @trackstarz

I’m writing to you from Philadelphia today! It’s my hometown and where our families live.

While working in a coffee shop yesterday, a random conversation started with a man who we were sharing a table with. He went on to share how God brought him through drug addiction and has called him into ministry, where he now helps young men who are in need of guidance.

As he sat there, with his big Bible dictionary, headphones and notebook spread across the table, he shared something that resonated so much with me. He said, “I’m not all that smart, but what I can do is show up prepared, do what I can, then allow space for God to move; however He wants too.”

Is that a word or what?

Here are two nuggets I gleaned from this brief encounter:

Prepare Well.
Preparation is the secret to feeling confident for the task set before you. Whether we feel qualified for the job or not, preparing ourselves well is the least we should do. Our preparedness is a reflection of our commitment. What have you been preparing for? Are you doing it well?

Be open. Be led.
I love the passage found in Psalm 37:23, which highlights the importance of our steps being ordered by the Lord. We’ve been given the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us in everything we do, the question is, are we being led? Learning how to surrender the outcome, good or bad will give you the freedom to move when He says move. To dance when He says dance. To be still when He says to be still.

So, as you approach your day, work, or next challenge, what would it look like for you to show up prepared while also leaving room for God to move according to His plans?

With you,

Grit and Virtue