MOOD | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! Man, I’m in a whole mood today!! I just feel happy and wanted to bring that to everyone today!! I watched silly videos on YouTube, and it got me thinking: why do we let things get us down, to the point that we live from a place of negativity?? Like, I totally understand that bad things happen seemingly for no reason, but we need to keep our minds in a positive place. Strength is not letting something break you.

I want to challenge us all to encourage someone random today. Put a smile on someone’s face. Whether you’re in a bad space or not, encouraging someone will go a long way with bringing you some joy as well. Don’t be selfish. Sometimes it’s good to get your eyes off your issues and be there for others.

Today is Thursday!! That means we’re almost done with this week!! You’ve made it through this week pretty much!! You are worthy and worth it all. You are chosen and amazing!! It doesn’t matter who you are, you were created with love and by love. Show love to someone today!!

Shameless plug: I started making YouTube videos digging through scripture and how it is relevant to our daily life. The link to the channel is below!! I hope it helps and encourages you all!!

Much Love,

Ryan W.