Made Not Born | @chicangeorge @trackstarz

We often hear the quote that “Leaders aren’t born, they are made.” The same can be said about soul mates. The term itself is rather a controversal topic, but for this post, we will focus on the idea of soul mates. Even if you have a “love at first sight” experience with your spouse, you must remember that soul mates are made and not born. You still have to understand their personalities, learn their habits, communicate expectations and various things in marriage. Those things that they need to know about you, comes from learning and spending time with each other. Even if they grew up knowing and desiring to be married, they still have to become what a soul mate is for their spouse.

With this said/written, don’t get frustrated with your spouse if you feel that they aren’t living up to your standard of being a soul mate. This will be something that both of you can and will work on daily until the end of the marriage. The joy of marriage is becoming soul mates and not assuming and having the pressure that you were born that way. Spread The Soup!