Complain vs. Criticism | @Chicangeorge @Trackstarz

In marriages, there will be a lot of complaining and criticism involved. The problem is understanding the difference between the two and knowing which one is productive. When we complain, it’s allowing us to voice how we feel towards our spouse about a situation. When we show criticism, we are telling them what they are doing wrong. Both ways try to get you to the same product, but one has a wrong procedure. When you are having an issue within your marriage, it is ok to complain and make your feelings known. This allows your spouse to understand your feelings and what they have done wrong. When you come at them with criticism, you are TELLING them about themselves and it will be harder for them to receive what you are saying.

Make sure that you are always building your spouse up in your marriage. Complaining (not excessive) can help, where criticism can keep you from getting to the root of the problem.  Knowing the difference and being the difference in your marriage will lead to continued success. Spread The Soup!