Emotions, Effort, Excellence | Marriage Mondays| @chicangeorge @trackstarz

I remember being young and hearing the hook/chorus of H-town’sEmotions.” It went on to say “Emotions make you cry sometimes, emotions make you sad sometimes, emotions make you glad sometimes, but most of all they make you fall in love.” Even though I was a pre teen (I’m trying not to tell my age), I understood those words to be true in life. Emotions are very powerful in all the things that we do. Emotions are also very vital in relationships and marriages. Similar to the hook from H-town, emotions can also put us on polar opposite sides of loving our spouse.

It is an assumption that when we get married that we will always feel emotionally connected to our spouse. This isn’t always the case. Emotions don’t happen effortlessly or natural in marriage. It is something that we have to work on everyday. There could be times where our spouse makes us mad and we get emotional and resent them. ¬†There could be outside things (our job, family members, bills, etc) that shift our emotions away from our spouse. It is our choice to put in the effort to become emotional for the needs of our spouse.

The next time that you feel that you or your spouse aren’t feeling that emotional towards each other, then think about the effort that you have been putting into the marriage. By putting in the effort, you will see excellence in emotions being shown on both sides. Spread The Soup!