The term “Soul Survivor” is usually given to someone who has overcome hard times through circustances and relationships. For Newark emcee, Cypha Ixous, he shows us that he can proudly wear that term with his “Soul Survivor Vol.1” Album.

I have to say, Cypha really pulls me in within the intro track “Soul Survivor.” This is a track that really displays his wordplay as he shouts outs some of his musical influences and delivers his own answers, because “he’s his own Sway.” He pulls no punches on “Body shots” taking “shots” at the music industry (including CHH), politics and his distaste of those who deny and play with the power of God. He speaks on keeping loyal to his brothers and his mission. I like how the track goes into “Everybodys Thoughts.” It serves as a response to the earlier part of the song. He then speaks on how our influence is very vital within our children’s life. On “Encore,” Cypha spits some real bars about life and explains he is living his life for Christ’s “Encore” appearance. I really enjoy Cypha speaking on relationships (I love the “throwback thursday” bar). One of the best examples, is his track “Forever.” Not only does he give a great message on relationships, but he also shows his skills as a storyteller on the track as well.

Overall, this was a good listen. Cypha proves that he is a “God Emcee” and that he is creating his own lane within the CHH genre. He isn’t trying to be Lecrae and that isn’t a bad thing or a diss that he is trying to convey. The production is very fitting for Cypha and really has a distinct east coast vibe that comes off current. With the heart-felt lyrics and wordplay, Cypha has shown that he can be a “soul survivor” within the music industry. Spread The Soup!