Role Model Records released their second collaborative album earlier this month featuring Shopé, Juliet Oh and Dru Bex. The Future Looks Bright is a good project to get a perspective on each of these artist as individuals music wise and in their personal lives. The album starts out with this more somber mood compared to all of the other songs to the album. I have been interpreting it as those moments that most people have right before they come to repentance. It’s a very dark place and considering the song is called, “Mercy On Me” it doesn’t seem to far of a stretch. Juliet, the singer of the trio, carries the chorus with this roaring cry for mercy in between 2 verses by her label mates that are setting the scene in these guys lives individually. It’s a strong intro to this project and personally it’s the biggest highlight to the whole album.

Going into the next song we hit the only single to be released, “Screwface Capital.” This song is literally just as raw as it can get. Some backyard beating on a table beat and legit freestyles make this song a nice touch in the following high production tracks to follow. The next 3 tracks are solo songs by the artist individually starting off with Juliet Oh, “Endless Love (Gethsemane).” This is a straight up worship song to the core, like I said Juliet Oh is the singer of the group and it’s really great that she gets a chance to show her vocal skills other than on a chorus. Dru Bex does the next song with “Everyday Hustle,” and here Dru gets to show off a big portion of his story telling ability and his bass like voice. Dru breaks down his home life and how he strives to be better for his family, even more now because he just recently had a daughter. The final solo song comes from Shopé with the banger “Ready To Go.” Shopé has a big missionaries heart and he gives us this anthem like a call to action for reaching people. This song will have you screaming the chorus over and over again for hours. The album closed off with the title track featuring all of the artist again. It is really a strong opposite tone wise to the Intro track. It has a very uplifting feel and more positive rhymes, as if it is more written in that moment right after you accept Jesus into your heart. The warm vibe to this track makes it the prefect outro to the project.

Overall this is a good project for the collective that highlighted every artist and their strengths. It was great to see how they collaborated as a group and to hear their solo voices, along with their stories and circumstances that have brought them to this point in their lives. I can’t wait to hear what they have to bring to the table later in the future.

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