TNV Releases His New Album “Crooked Crown” | @trackstarz

The Album Crooked Crown speaks about how we always strive for perfection. In real life we will never reach perfection, we have been given the ability to create, manifest our reality. We have dominion in this earthly realm, so even if we practice Kingship(control) its a standard that never reaches perfection. In all honesty we […]

Take Time To Rest | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! This week, I just wanted to encourage us to keep pushing this week. Personally speaking, it has been a grind it out kind of week with school work and work and such, but it is so, so, so important to take intentional time with God to refresh your energy and […]

Bizzle ” On The Low” Music Video | @mynameisbizzle @trackstarz

Bizzle of God Over Money recently released a music video for one of the hardest hitting songs on his latest project “On The Low.” Bizzle speaks on all the things he could say to the detriment of his listeners, but by telling the truth he is labeled as a “hater.” This puts Bizzle at a […]